License terms

Atkinson Hyperlegible font

The 'Atkinson Hyperlegible' fontface has been created by members of the Braille Institute and Applied Design Works. For licensing terms of this asset, view this page.

Tab title icon

The favicon has been created by me for the purposes of this page and is explicitly designed for use here. In any other case, contact me for permission or credit me.

Page background

The page background is a picture designed by me and is allowed for personal use only. It cannot be used for any monetary gain and should not be reposted on third party pages without credit.

Drawing of my OC

The sketch of my fursona was done by Twitter user @just_misha00 and the character was designed by Twitter user @UmasArt and I. This is an original design and is not open for interpretation without consent.

By using any of the assets listed above, you consent to the given terms and acknowledge the possibility of action taken by any party responsible for creating them in any shape or form as a consequence of license violation.